Daemon Defense provides information technology design, service delivery, owner’s representation, enablement, and project execution to help our clients uncomplicate technology infrastructure and digital transformation projects, delivering results on time and on budget. With decades of experience across multiple industries, Daemon Defense offers the expertise to deliver strong, successful outcomes.

Sports and Entertainment Technology

Attending a sporting event is much more than watching the game unfold on the field. Today, technology plays a large role in the modern fan experience, from point-of-sale and concessions, to audio-visual experiences and mobile technologies. Daemon Defense offers the experience necessary to develop and implement strategies to enhance the fan experience through the use of technology.


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Healthcare and Public Sector

Technology is integral to modern healthcare facilities. Ensuring technology is fully operational is critical to providing efficient and effective patient care. Daemon Defense’s experience with healthcare and other public sector environments enables the planning, design, and implementation of the infrastructure necessary to ensure high standards of care are able to be consistently met.

Museums and Libraries

Modern museums and libraries are more than just places to observe or read. These facilities are centered around encouraging curiosity, developing personal relevance, and building pathways to knowledge. Daemon Defense understands the importance of designing systems that offer accessibility and connectedness between the patron and the facility, resulting in engaging and cohesive experiences for all.

Convention Centres

Convention centres are a place for people to connect, share ideas, and strengthen their communications. Within a convention centre, many systems interconnect in order to provide guests with the tools they need to effectively participate. Daemon Defense has experience in the planning, design, and implementation of technology strategies in convention centres that encompass everything from network access and building management systems, to audio visual and mobile interactivity.

Capital Project Development

Modern buildings are complicated. When designing a building, you must not only consider the needs faced by the organization or tenants today, but also anticipate needs that may arise in the future. At Daemon Defense, we uncomplicate the technology that is a part of modern buildings, ensuring cohesiveness across building management, security, technology, and audio-visual systems while designing systems that are future-ready.


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