Daemon Defense has built a reputation for getting projects done regardless of complexity, timeline and budgetary constraints, or politics. They’ve worked on large capital Manitoban projects in excess of $1 Billion over the last 5 years delivering success through their tried and true processes and expertise.


Modern office buildings face the unique challenge of keeping up with ever-changing technological and human needs and wants, which is why it’s vital to find the right future-thinking IT partner to develop an evergreen approach. Daemon Defense is mindful of preserving the integrity and sustainability of the systems that serve both the office and its tenants well into the future. With its wealth of experience and uncompromising project approach Daemon Defense is able to ensure the success of any large-scale build projects from start to finish and beyond.

“During our time working together, I came to see how your company adds value to the project. The network and communication systems were very complicated, and decisions needed to be made by the owner quickly to ensure the systems were designed and installed properly.”

The owners of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP in Winnipeg, Manitoba engaged Daemon Defense to oversee their IT infrastructure deployment for their office space in Winnipeg’s True North Square development. Daemon’s role included IT design oversight, consultation, and owner representation.

Daemon Defense Systems has strong working relationships with key industry players allowing for project facilitation and completion even under the tightest budgets and timelines.

Working closely with Powerland and the TDS IT department, Daemon was able to combine local resources, leverage existing relationships, and draw from experience to serve and benefit the TDS ownership group.

Image of True North Square

True North Square is over 1 million square feet in Winnipeg’s downtown core housing everything from businesses to shopping and dining. Thompson Dorfman Sweatman is just one of many tenants making the most of the state-of-the-art office space.

Projects of this magnitude include many moving pieces, each with their own set of complexities. Daemon had the experience and process in place to address every aspect of the systems planning, integration, and management.

Project contribution highlights:

  • Identify all technology requirements for new office space
  • Assist TDS IT department with tech related concerns and challenges
  • Advise on evergreen tactics to preserve the integrity and sustainability of the systems
  • Review all solutions and services provided by vendors and partners
  • Review all technology designs and reports provided by consulting engineers
  • Critical review of system installation and commissioning

Through clear communication, concise decision making, and a pragmatic approach to capital construction, Daemon was able to deliver the desired technical end-state for Thompson Dorfman Sweatman on time, and within budget.

TDS Office.