Daemon Defense has an international reputation for designing and implementing modern technologies in connected stadiums. Projects such as Phoenix Suns Arena (Phoenix, Arizona) highlight the attention-to-detail Daemon Defense demonstrates when it comes to ensuring a project is built to meet not just the needs of today, rather making sure the completed project is also ready for what is next.

Phoenix Suns Arena.

World-class is subjective. It is not something you can buy or inherently expect as a result of a large budget. Every technology addition adds complexity and operating cost to a facility, where attention-to-detail and firm, but fair, procurement processes are integral in ensuring budgets are met. Every design decision should start with a clear understanding of the problem we are trying to solve. Technology is so pervasive in new arenas it is paramount the senior leadership team can make informed decisions based on their basic functional requirement.

"To say that Daemon Defense “Helped” is an incredible understatement. They literally saved us hundreds of man hours using their business and technical expertise in developing the RFP’s and Technical Analysis. In addition, Daemon Defense helped us to determine the best contractors who would work within our corporate culture."

Steve Reese, Chief Information Officer, Phoenix Suns

The owners of Phoenix Suns Arena in Phoenix, Arizona engaged Daemon Defense to oversee the arena’s technology and audio-visual re-design as a part of a $230 million USD re-imagining of the 27-year-old venue. Daemon’s role included owner’s representation, wireless and enterprise network design, 5G DAS commissioning, and audio-visual systems commissioning.

Since 2001, Daemon Defense has worked with numerous sports and entertainment venues across North America to provide seamless and engaging experiences to fans, partners, and staff whether they are attending an event or completing their day-to-day work.

Daemon Defense was able to respond to a fluid IT design process, creating the enterprise network and Wi-Fi designs and specifications, and subsequently negotiated RFPs. As the owner’s representative for the City of Phoenix initially, Daemon Defense was quickly engaged to also support the Phoenix Sun’s IT organization as well as providing subject matter expertise to the strategic marketing partnerships with our ability to measure actual value of in-kind contributions and market trends for the sponsorship team.

Phoenix Suns Arena.

Phoenix Suns Arena has been the hub for world class sports and entertainment for 27 years. The once state-of-the-art venue helped drive the growth of downtown Phoenix to become the thriving metropolitan destination that it is today, but after 27 years it was time for a reimagination. A $230 million transformation is underway at Phoenix Suns Arena, the first Phoenix venue to go through a significant redesign in more than 10 years.

The renovations of Phoenix Suns Arena will introduce 5G networking to the arena, as well as enhanced mobile payment solutions throughout the facility. It will also add over 8,500 sq. ft. of video screens to the new Casino Arizona Pavilion, and over 750 new video screens throughout the arena, alongside the new 3,550 sq.ft. center-hung scoreboard.

Project contribution highlights:

  • Owner’s Representation
  • Wireless Network Design
  • Enterprise Network Design
  • DAS Commissioning
  • LED Displays / Scoreboards / Fascia
  • Video Production
  • Broadcast Cabling
  • Audio-Visual Presentation Systems
  • Acoustics and Noise Control
  • Seating Bowl Sound System
  • Distributed TV System
  • IPTV System
  • Digital Signage
  • Security System Upgrades

Through clear communication, concise decision making, and a pragmatic approach to capital construction, Daemon was able to deliver the desired technical end-state for Phoenix Suns Arena on time, and within budget.

Home to the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Suns Arena is ready to welcome over 18,000 fans per game to a world-class, technology-integrated venue.